We're a Results Driven
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Empower brands and companies to reach maximum of their specific target audience using data based tailored management, advertising and marketing strategies. Maximizing growth in e-commerce by using advanced data models and statistics.

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What we do?

We are using data, technology and our experience to bring customers and profit for our partners.


Through the process, our digital, sales and marketing team of experts, with vast experience in retail industry handling leading global brands, carefully and focused targeting primary Target Groups with „tailor made“ solutions for each client. The success of our campaigns will be visible in your business reports in growth of Turnover, ROAS, Profit and Brand Awareness.


We are committed in investing with high knowledge and multi years of practice in business. Combination of sales, planning and marketing activities is our best recommendation in e-Comm turnover growth. Our experience, high technology support and satisfied partners, gives us straight in the future projects with confident optimism in Turnover Growth as one of our key KPI’s.


Measurable and visible immediately from the start of cooperation with all our partners. We deliver high performance in this area of e-Comm business to our clients. With our AUDIT service, we scan obstacles for growth, pointing on high important tools on clients e-Comm sites in order to deliver best results.


With different in channels of communication, including social networks handling, Newsletter targeting (DTC), Data creating and using it for multipin direct to consumer activities, we support all partners in growth. This growth is directly connected with our skills and knowledge at this important field in total business growth, slight connected with both – Turnover Growth and ROAS.


We use deep data analysis to define efficient roadmap to successes for your business. We analyze and focus on defining target groups we address to. We submit detailed business reports with included all relevant business primary and secondary KPI`s like: Turnover, ROAS, Reach, CPC, CTR, Traffic, Source, Funnel performance and many more.


We enhance brand awareness and communication with shoppers by effective campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks.

We are a dynamic team of Business, Marketing and Sales executive experts.

Our background in leading global brands as a regional and area executives has given us knowledge to deal with challenges and to excel at online and offline business environment.

We understand turnover, profit, margin, budgeting, optimization as good as we know eComm, social media, google ads, milllenials and Gen Z consumers. We are result driven experts focused on smart resource management.